Major James T Poe

THE RESCUE of Major Poe’s Family
In September of 1863, Colonel John Logan and Major James T. Poe had been trying to have their 11th Arkansas Infantry sent back to Arkansas to help protect their families because of the news that Little Rock had been taken by the Union Army.
Major Poe had obtained a furlough to travel home to check on his family in Saline County. The Yankees had received word that he was on his way home so they went to his home and captured his family and waited for him to arrive. Some neighbors warned Major Poe that the Yankees were at his home so he hid in the woods nearby and watched in horror as his home was burned and his family was taken away to a Union Camp nearby.
Major Poe knew that there were a lot of men in Saline County on furlough like himself so he gathered all the men he could find including William and Calvin Stuckey. William and some of his friends who were on furlough from Port Hudson, Louisiana and Calvin was home on furlough from the 2nd Arkansas in Mississippi.
Major Poe and his band of men attacked the Union camp and drove the Yankees away in a few minutes. Major Poe was then reunited with his family and took them south to Columbia County to a safe place. He then returned and received permission to form a new cavalry unit made up of the men who had helped him save his family plus some deserters and new recruits. This unit was officially designated Poe’s Battalion on November 9, 1863.
William and Calvin then remained with Major Poe for the remainder of the war and fought with him in Arkansas at Mt. Elba, Mark’s Mil and at Poison Springs. (Mt. Elba is near New Edinburg, Mark’s Mill is located between Kingsland and New Edinburg and Poison Springs is located near Camden, all in Southern Arkansas) At the time of his enlistment in Poe’s Battalion, Calvin Stuckey was promoted to 3rd Sergeant.