Pvt Drury Micheal Arrowood

The Gazette, Gastonia, NC

April 26, 1926

Mr. D. M. Arrowood Honored on his 80th Birthday.

Bessemer City, April 21.

An affair of more than usual interest throughout the state and county took place Saturday, April 17, when Mr. And Mrs. T. R. E. Oats, at their home in the country, were host and hostess to a large number of relatives, celebrating the eightieth birthday of the latter’s father, Mr. D. M. Arrowood. The day was m most delightful one to everyone present, and none happier than the honor guest, and his children and near kin gathered around him. The grandsons and cousins spent a wonderful day playing ball on the spacious grounds.

The home was most attractive with its wealth of lilacs in the reception rooms and of dogwood in the dining room. At the noon hour a most sumptuous dinner of all good viands was abundantly served; and after all present had entirely satisfied the inner man, quantities of good things remained unconsumed.

A large white birthday cake decorated in pink, bearing the dates 1846-1926, with large bowls of apple blossoms, centered the long dinner table. Covers were laid for Mr. Arrowood, Misses Estelle and Ida Arrowood, Mr. And Mrs. Lon Arrowood, Hugh, Edith, Ruth, Paul, Martha Davis and Esther Ann Arrowood, of Shelby, Mr. And Mrs. Bruce Arrowood, Flake, Bruce, Jr., Harry, Dan and John Arrowood. Mrs. W. T. Mills, Mrs. Maggie Merriwether and Gladys Merriwether, of Concord; Mr. Jim Davis, Miss Laura Arrowood, Mr. And Mrs. Clyde Arrowood, Kenneth Arrowood, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Arrowood, Nancy and Nell Frances Arrowood, all of Lincolnton; Rev. Robert Arrowood, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Concord, and sister, Miss Julia Arrowood, a member of the public school faculty at Concord; Mr. and Mrs. Luther Arrowood, Mary Rutledge and Clay Arrowood and Mr. R. G. Rutledge, of Lincolnton, (NC); Mrs. Leila Willis, of Lincolnton, and Mrs. Sara Dameron, of Bessemer City; Mrs. Bertha Gatling, Billy and Wilmot Gatling of Gastonia; Mrs. Lou Moore, Mrs. Ida Gamble, Tom and Robert Gamble, and Miss Mabel Clemmer. All of Mr. Arrowood’s children were present except Mr. Fred Arrowood, of Elon College. Late in the afternoon, just before the guests departed, the birthday cake was cut, each one receiving a slice.
Mr. Drury Michael Arrowood, in whose honor the reunion was held, was born April 17, 1846, and is 80 years of age. He is erect and spry, and does not look to be over sixty-five. He enjoys fine health and works every day on his farm. He is the third child of the late William and Mary Ann Foneberger Arrowood, both of whom also lived to be ripe old age. The mother lived to reach the age of 76, and the father died about 1910, age 95 years. Mrs. Sara Dameron, the oldest child in the family is still hale and hearty at the age of 84 years, and was one of the first to arrive on the morning of the reunion. Mr. Arrowood’s other living brothers and sisters are Mrs. Leila Willis, of Lincolnton, and Mrs. Ruff Kiser, of Blacksburg, S. C. and Mr. Luther Arrowood, of Lincolnton. Brothers and sisters who have died include Mrs. Margaret Davis, who died a number of years ago, at her home in Colorado; Mr. John Arrowood, who died in 1910; Rev. Butler Arrowood and Rev. W. C. Arrowood died in 1921, within ten days of each other. One brother Philip did not survive infancy.

Mr. Arrowood married Miss Nancy Jane Davis more than 60 years ago, and they were the parents of the following children; Lon, Laura, Bruce, Ida, Myrtle, (Mrs. Oates), Estelle, Clyde, Wilton, Fred, Ralph; and two other children, Arthur and Pearl, who died in infancy. Mrs. Arrowood died in 1915, at age of 61.

Mr. Arrowood has always lived where he now lives, with the exception of a few years spent in Tennessee when he was a young man. All his life he has been a member of the Presbyterian Church at Long Creek and for a long time has served as deacon. He was a Confederate soldier serving with the 17-year-old boys. He takes an active interest in all his surroundings and has many friends who hope he may celebrate many more birthdays.