Pvt Edmund Q Baker 25th South Carolina Infantry

Baker. — The Baker family, in North Marion, will next be noticed. Squire Neill Baker, the first known in that section, was a sturdy Scotchman and an excellent citizen of the northern section of the county; he married Polly McArthur, and left many descendants in his section. One of his grand-sons, A. M. Baker, herein before mentioned as a prosperous and progressive man, owns the old homestead. One of his sons, Edmund Baker, married a Miss McGist [McGirt]; he died without issue. Another son, James Baker, married a Miss Bracy, and moved to North Carolina where he died and left a family of several children.

An older son, John D. Baker, married Miss Lovedy McPriest, and died, leaving her with two sons, Albert M Baker, above spoken of and Neill A. Baker. The widow Lovedy Baker lives with her son Neill A. Baker in Georgia. Old man Neill Baker had but two daughters. The oldest married William McKay of North Carolina and moved to Mississippi where his wife died.

The other daughter, Jeanette, married just at the close of the war, Captain Gilbert W. McKay, who was at one time captain of Fairlee’s old company and who may be remembered by many who now live in the town of Marion as he lived there when he went into the war. Both are now dead leaving two children surviving, John W. McKay who lives at McCall, S.C. and Mary who married John Millsaps and moved to Georgia where they now reside.